Marketing directed via Facebook and Led Ads feature

Marketing through Facebook

The "Facebook" is currently the most successful social networking platforms in the world and because of the speed of transmission of information between users become something indispensable in the world of e-marketing, where we follow this area during the period of its development between 2004 to 2015 to observe later that "Facebook" is the main tunnel each company or institution to reach customers or potential customers to create or even provide customer service through its own thread system, and singled the Middle East - because of the wide spread there.
And always impress looking for a profit from the Internet or working in the field of e-marketing or looking for the development of sales and his work on the Facebook pages, easily use the Facebook and what they offer this platform of softness to work and create electronic campaigns to get out of us recently the so-called "Lead Ads "to be a substitute for any method of marketing" Opt-in "followed by the institution or company.
This property is one of the most powerful online marketing tools that Facebook recently Othaha through the Power Editor, which integrated system "Ads Manager" for advertisers to add them greater control and the ability of advertising campaigns that are created Pal "Ads Manager."
Facebook Lead Ads Interest marketing:

Get rid of the landing pages that you have a lot of campaigns.
Measuring conversion and customer follow-up from the beginning of his interest in the campaign, even the procurement process.
Not to take the customer's outside Facebook page for your review of the other campaigns.
Most importantly, he is friendly for mobile phones that take the largest share in the world of e-marketing.

If you collect e-mail to customers this way can dispense with any third-party service such as Mailchimp
The method of work :

Create a campaign - Announcement by Power Editor built with "Ads Manager" account.
When you start advertising for customers interested in the appearance or potential customers on the "Timeline"
Show them "Call-To-Action" determined to lead them to the registration form.
Information stored in the form of "private library" on the Facebook page "Forms Library".
Information that can be collected:

Full name.
Telephone number.

A small example - to gain access to customers over the phone:
"We have 20 stores available piece of Summer Class C and want to get rid of it before the end of the summer."

We create the idea of ​​the campaign and the attractive designs and then follow customers to plan a last stop buying the product.
We create a campaign through Facebook and advertising director.
We collect information that is important to us (name, address, telephone number) for example.
We begin to benefit from the information collected, for example, get back to those who have registered, and they are interested in the campaign.
Begin to display and sell the pieces or convert customers to our store.
And do not forget after gathering information from customers can start creating oriented ads by re-targeting database that we have across the interests of those who have registered or were interested in the campaign, campaigns for other similar, which will increase the probability of creating a category of "customer loyal Loyal Customer" of the institution or company , and sales also increased.
Recently, we would like to remind you that advertising in this way is available for some of the pages and within a short period will be available for all promotional pages, but the haves account "commercial director" to the pages of Facebook can start using this method through the Power Editor supplied with your account "commercial director ".

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