Source proteins

Source proteins

Proteins are considered an important food sources for the human body, and these proteins are made from basic acids, and provides the necessary energy to the human body. This protein controls many important functions in the body, and is a major and important component of all living cells

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 Protein food sources:
There are plenty of food sources that provide us with the proteins that we eat meat, and miscellaneous dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods, but is a multi-animal sources, and various dairy products of the highest containing proteins, these foods contain most of the acids task acids needed by the human body; for the manufacture of proteins, including: white meat, eggs, poultry, and seafood, and products of various dairy which include milk, cheese, and yogurt, there are vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other sources that contain protein, these varieties do not contain all the amino acids needed by the human body to create the necessary proteins. But the substances found in fruits are very important to the teeth. I will mention the most important foods that contain protein needed by the human body.
It is the meat of the most important sources of protein-rich, doctors and stresses the white meat, which is considered more beneficial than red; because they contain a high percentage of lean proteins, and the best types of meat in this regard, poultry meat, which contains 32 grams of protein in return fat and cholesterol decreases which dramatically; so it is very useful to humans chicken meat, and so you get high amounts of protein, choose lean meat, such as poultry, fish, preferably frying meat; because it loses a lot of proteins, until the turn of meat beneficial to harmful to health, such as the renovated meat, sausage and chicken. The white meat is better than meat derived liver, and kidney and others; because they contain sodium, fat, and then do not contain good amounts of protein.
Is a legume with significant health benefits, but their usefulness is recommended taking it on a regular basis, they contain Al Udeid of vitamins, and called another name "vegetable protein", and these foods are available to all, as opposed to animal foods, which could rise the price, there are some researchers from the University of Texas concluded that food that contains a good percentage of pulses can reduce the risk of lung cancer TONGS 15% to 50%, due to the presence of a high phytoestrogen. The most important of these legumes: beans, and rich in protein, vitamins and also contain mineral salts, this plant rich in protein has the ability to resist stress and nervous tension, and is also good for the heart, and is a stimulus to the process of digestion. Beans contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, these vitamins help to eject the hormone serotonin, which helps the person to calm the nerves and feeling relaxed, and there lentils plant, which is one of the rich sources of protein and fiber, is considered a good plant proteins, and is a good fighter for anemia, and considered white beans sources of proteins, and help the plant to lose weight, which is also rich in beneficial to human body in fiber, especially as it is one of the non-fatty foods food, and free of harmful saturated fats.Nuts:Nuts and in particular: cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, these foods that contain a lot of proteins necessary for the human body. Some dietary studies suggest that the highest percentage in the proteins found in Brazil nuts, as when dealing with the right amount of Brazilian nut is sufficient; the body to achieve the requirements of protein for one day. Nuts Walnut Brazilian is considered rich in amino acids and components of Omega-3, which has a prominent role in the muscles of the body development, and the reduction of dry skin, since only a quarter cup of Brazilian Almond has 8 grams of protein, peanut butter is a good source; to get the desired protein of the body, every 30 grams of peanut butter we get 8 grams of protein, but there is a negative in this matter, which is that these nuts contain fat ratios is simple., so I have to deal with the nuts moderately and not overeating.
Milk and dairy products:Dairy products different Bmstqatha, such as: milk, cream, yogurt, cheeses, is one of the important sources containing proteins, and is available in these sources is protein, important for bones and teeth of calcium, and is considered dairy products non-calorie from low sources of fat, which is recommended by doctors always, especially for people who suffer from the great weight and trying to lose weight, and half a cup of free cheese fat containing an estimated 16 grams of protein, so we must dairy diverse Bmstqatha eat; great for the human body to its usefulness.Seafoods:
Marine foods contain a good amount of protein, and is one of the foods low in fat, and half a kilogram of salmon contain an estimated 20 grams of protein in return contains 5 grams of fat, doctors and stresses the fish and seafood intake; large and many of the body to their usefulness Human.
egg white :Egg whites contain a good amount of protein, which is low in fat, making eggs an ideal food for the human body, as one cup of egg whites contain an estimated 26 grams of protein, egg whites contain a lot of amino acids that provide power necessary for the body.
Fruit:Apple: Apple is one of the best fruits and most beneficial to the body, and when we eat TWO of apples per day Alouhd they give us an estimated 0.60 grams of protein, and its role is limited to protein only, but this fruit contains a lot of nutrients for the human body elements, for this we find apples always in the first rank in any healthy diet. Spinach: Spinach contains the amount of the protein is not simple, since only one cup of cooked spinach contains 5 grams of protein, and spinach contain vitamins A, B, and contains a lot of important fiber to the human body. Apricots: Apricots fruits rich in protein are important to the human body, Vhabh one of apricots containing 0.49 grams of protein, for the doctors of people who suffer from lack of protein eating fresh apricots, dried advised. Tangerine: tangerine of acidic fruit, it contains a lot of important nutrients for the body, and is also considered one of the most important sources of protein-rich, as per the fruit of which contains 1 gram of protein. Guava: Guava contains approximately 3 grams of protein for TWO, so it is considered important to the human body fruit. Avocado: The avocado is one of the most important nutrients that contain large amounts of protein, and this plant contain 7 grams of protein per one kilogram. Corn: One serving of corn contains 3 grams of protein, and corn can be added as a kind of hors d'oeuvres trip to the food, or added to the authorities, or pizza and other dishes. Coconut: coconut water and fruit contains a good proportion of protein, and is an important food for the human body. Bananas: Bananas contain a good percentage of proteins somewhat, as the 100 grams of bananas contain 4 grams of protein, fruit is very useful for the body, but not limited to protein only. There are a lot of foods and drinks that contain good proteins ratios, but you may mention the most important of these foods and drinks that contain large amounts of proteins.

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