The modus operandi of the Italian sausage pasta

The modus operandi of the Italian sausage pasta

Do you look for ways in Italian industry and cook pasta? Now that the distinctive and beautiful way which is the way the work of Italian sausage pasta.
It is one of the different ways in the pasta industry and full of the necessary benefits to the human body
Characterized by the way the Italian sausage pasta easily prepare and taste delicious and very distinctive, will you get a nice taste after the termination of Italian pastaIngredients needed for the work of Italian sausage pasta
- Choose the type of pasta preferred order and your family
- Choose Asalsalp you like best to cook the pasta in terms of taste and taste
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Grated Parmesan
- Ricotta
- Italian sausage
- Number one egg
- Salt
- PepperHow pasta Italian sausage
1. cook "cook" pasta in a pot on the fire

2. heat the oven to 190 ° C

3. cooked Italian sausage "sausage" until we get the brown color "after chopping sausage to cut 1/2 inch
4. mixing ricotta cheese and scrambled eggs with pasta, then add salt and pepper

5. Develop the mixture into the baking dish and add the Parmesan, mixing well, then mozzarella cheese distribution of the highest in all parts

6. put the oven dish and leave it for 45 minutes

7. Get on a plate of pasta Italian sausageItalian Pasta
May now Hsalta the modus operandi of pasta and Italian sausage appetite, which has a very special taste, you can use Italian sausage pasta main meal on the food table, they include many of the daily nutritional values ​​needed for good health

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