Windows 10 is spying on you and gather all of your information and evidence cutter + how to prevent spyware

It seems that Windows 10 stories is not over yet. After that was detected Windows Update Delivery Optimization property that exploit you throughput online and send to others updates. Today, we will talk about everything related to privacy .. often we as users of the Internet do not read the user's policy and its load of mysteries I do not know, Windows 10 is spying on us and the evidence it collects all the information that we do on the computer of which sites we are entering and the strange thing is we do not know to what point this information is export .. Would be sold or what! Today, this Snarafkm over the persistence of tampering with Microsoft in the privacy of their customers and to indicate the latter is not the first time spying on users, they are used to this and guide the following picture:

 Windows 10

After that we talked about spying command will now introduce you to the correct way to prevent Microsoft from reaching you by Asamalc for Windows 10, all you need is access to the settings of Windows 10 'Settings' and then go to Privacy 'Privacy' section and you'll find the list of a group of Options on the left, we recommend that you disable it. As you see, the entire Microsoft spy on where you are at your computer and an Internet connection on your computer Alcamr well as the microphone so Ped disable all of these things are very simple It's about converting Button On to Off!Stand only when Contacts or Accounts option so you do not have Windows Shell Experience disabled because it is necessary for Windows and is disabled may cause some problems for the latter.
Windows 10
And in Feedback & diagnostics option you apply what in the picture and simply in order to prevent Microsoft from bothering you and asking that some messages!
Windows 10

Windows 10

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