best 6 natural home remedies

best 6 natural home remedies

Many of us suffer from some disease, which leads us to go to the doctor and I, there are treatments that you can use for various problems such as back pain, headaches, and so you will only have to adopt the best treatment and follow suit. It will give you quick results, and that these results can be enjoyed for a long period of time. Natural home remedies are very helpful because they do not have side effects associated with them. In the long run prove to be far more useful than traditional medicines.

Soothing a sore throat:

You can gargle twice in a day with the help of a solution of six pressed garlic cloves that have been mixed into a particular glass of warm and not hot water. Follow this particular process for a period of three days and you will be completely healed. Fresh garlic juice can also be extremely helpful in curing a sore throat.

Quell nausea:

You can try ginger chips that are frozen. For this you will have to infuse the fresh ginger in some quantity of hot water. Crush the ice cubes and then suck the icy chips through the entire day and this will help to provide your tummy with a very steady yet soothing dribble. Ginger has the anti- nausea properties that can be extremely helpful.

Aches and pains:

Your body can easily throw you for a loop at any particular point of time. You can use natural remedies for this purpose in order to enjoy long term results. These remedies are exactly like having an in- home doctor that is available on a 24 hour basis.


For this you must swallow 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar. The dry granules can easily stimulate and also reset the nerve that has been irritated for some time now. This can cause spasm of the diaphragm. Salt can also be very helpful to solve your hiccups problem as soon as possible.

Fever reduction:

Sip some tea that has linden flowers. This can work in two ways. It can stimulate the hypothalamus and can control your temperature. It can also dilate your blood vessels including sweating. You can also take a tepid bath for high fever and this can help you to cool the temperature in your body.

Foot odor:

Soak your feet in 1 part of vinegar and other 2 parts in water in order to eliminate the bacteria that contribute to your foot odor. This is a very easy process and can be adopted at any particular time.


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