The benefits of this capacity to pepper will not believe it ... deal with every day Filfila after these wonderful facts

May be back at least one encounter and found the food hot or contains chili and I felt the pinch as a result of eating this pepper and asked yourself what are the reasons that sting? And how it can be disposed of in an exemplary manner? And what are its benefits? Now you many secrets
The benefits of this capacity to pepper will not believe it ... deal with every day Filfila after these wonderful facts

First: What are the reasons for the capacity of chili or heat that we feel when eating?Red chili whether it is green or on the content of a compound called capsaicin, and this compound to know him when he comes into contact with any of the tissues Vttold it immediately Balsa and feeling the heat and that is the reason for our sense of Balsa and heat as soon as eating chili.
Second: What is the ideal way to get rid of chili heat and eliminate them quickly?May be looked at on the Internet to know what are effective way to eliminate the heat and the capacity chili and you will find the answers water, drinks Algaveh, admire teeth, milkYou can easily experiment with these previous types yourself to discover for yourself what are the ideal way to eliminate that heat and sting and you will find the result instantly as follows:- Water: reducing the severity of the sting during dealt with but once you stop eating water will carefully with back again as is- Drinks Algaveh: you'll find sharpened the sting and heat, especially to contain gases which increases the feeling of heat- Putty: will increase the heat added Amadafh especially after touching the teeth- The milk: it is the ideal solution where reduces the severity of the sting immediately due because it contains Dhina materials help to mitigate the feeling pinch and whenever milk by fat any incomplete fat whenever effect better and faster and also benefit dairy Kalzbadi and ice cream.
Third: Is it true that if we removed the seeds contained in red or green chili pepper will reduce the severity of the sting?Also you can this process experience in your home and on your own and you'll find the result simply is whether any you would feel the same sharpness and sting either removed the seeds or not Tnzaaha because of the substance capsaicin contained in chili they had nothing to do with seeds, but is a compound in peppers as a whole. 

Fourth: Does the hot pepper and the capacity of the benefits?Simply that a teaspoon of dried red chili peppers contain what the body needs vitamin A per day, as green chili small spoon containing the equivalent of 6 oranges that any chili a rich source of vitamin c more than oranges several stages.

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